You must know, when I’m not reading or writing book reviews, I’m immersed in appreciating visual stories. Whether via thumbnail posts on Instagram or in art books (I have very few but they function). I collect them for inspiration and visual prompts for my own writing. This love of visual storytelling has taken me away from the realm of books to an exhibition of digital experimentation by Obinna Okerekeocha as presented by Rele Galleries.


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Obinna Okerekeocha’s exhibition, Vignettes of a New Reality, is a moving showcase about contemporary issues of urban and transcontinental migration as well as the dominating effects of social media.

I was immured by the depth of feeling infused by these materials and the thread of common message that ran through them. My curiosity led me to connect with the artist, Obinna and he had a few things to say in response to my questions.

What was your inspiration for this themed exhibition?

Let me start by saying as an artist, there’s always the need to create something. The inspiration came fro my huge fascination and observation of physical human movement. People move from place to place on a daily basis and this is the summation of life. There is life without movement and no movement without life

What or who were or have been your influences?

My real artistic influence is from my father. I became an artist because he was one. My grandfather was a photographer in Ibadan in the early 50’s and 60’s. You can say I’ve been blessed with a creative lineage.

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What plans for the future?

At the moment I have a day job alongside my artistic pursuits so in a sense my artistic endeavors are brought to bear in creating content on a Pan African platform. At the moment, I’m planning a solo exhibition to build on the successes of this maiden edition.

Any of your contemporaries we should keep an eye on?

I have a classmate of mine who’s a watercolorist and draughtsman, Akanimoh Umoh. He’s a stellar talent who’s poised to take the art world by storm. He recently took part in a group drawing exhibition. He’s one to watch.


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