Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Afonja The Rise Book Review

Book Review: Afonja – The Rise by Tunde Leye

Afonja – the Rise is an epic story by Tunde Leye. It’s based on a true story about how Afonja who is an actual Yoruba historical figure rose to being an iconic war general in the Oyo Empire. Set in 19th century Oyo Kingdom, we also follow some other characters, some fictional and others iconic to Yoruba history.
Margaret Muthee A Season for Mending Book Review

Book Review: Margaret Muthee’s A Season for Mending

Margaret Muthee’s A Season for Mending is a collection of 14 short stories published by Bahati Books. This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Margaret Muthee is a Kenyan journalist...

Water no Get Enemy: An Evening with Teju Cole at Jazz Hole Lagos

Teju walked briskly through the aisles to greet his host. He began with a joke: ‘Una go church today?” which drew generous laughter from the crowd. “Those of you who did, hope you prayed...